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fm53 - Hull K.R.'s Frankie Fox and a new way to do push ups. (1960's)

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Steve in N.Z.
New Zealand
Hull KR, GB, NZ Warriors, .. are the club I follow


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My favorite Moment is: Hull KR were playing Rochdale Hornets in a Challenge cup round at the old Craven Park. KR were a strong team and no way were the Hornets going to win this game unless they played out of their skins. However their hooker, I think his surname was Taylor, started the biff. He went to it although he got a good deal back from the KR forwards.

Nearly at the end of the game he had the ball and was tackled by KR's prop Frank Fox. Frank was a fair player who could dish out the biff but usually sorted it out with ferocious tackles. He was a real powerful man who did lots of weights. Fox, this tremendous tackling forward dropped Taylor like a stone with a good tackle around his knees. With Taylor prone face down Frank released his grip around his knees and made ground up Taylor's upper body until he was at Taylor's head. With Taylor still prone face down he then preceded to do about 6 push ups off Taylors head.

With about sixteen and a half stone of Frank on him Taylor was unable to move as his head was pushed right into the muddy feild. Even the Rochdale players were laughing. When Frank released him he looked at the ref for a penalty but the smiling ref told him to play the ball and get on with it. The whole ground with about 7000 fans inside were laughing. Taylor kept a low profile from then on.


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