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fm54 - Thoughts and memories of Parra's Ray Higgs

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dave Taska
Toongabbie, Sydney
Parramatta .. is the club I follow


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my earliest rugby league memories are of ray higgs charging into the defence with his tongue sticking out.he was a hard man and a leader. a few years ago i met john jansen and told him higgs was my first rugby league hero, to which he replied. higgs liked to drop the knees. anyway i cant believe he isnt in any of your lists and i hope i can correct this oversight. p.s. graham shovells olling deserves a mention as well.

(From Quigs - If I remember correctly and I could be wrong here, Graham Olling was on the front of an old RLW many years ago when playing for Parra. The article was all about this new bulking up supplement, and Olling had been on it during the off season and had bulked up 20 or so kilo. These days we all know what it was but in those days it was legal and a sports supplement. Can anyone out there remember this article. I know that Olling was the first one I can remember speaking about it in RLW)


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