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fm55 - Memories of an old clash between New Zealand and Wales

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Tuesday, May 15, 2012

David Duffin
Upper Coomera Qld
Manly .. is the club I follow


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Posted by Quigs - reposted this link 11/5/2012, over from Biff's old site
Videos - props biff some good scraps inc jim mill stamping on new zealand player john greengrass which lead to a life ban,also good punchup between terry oconner and gordan tallis - (Thanks Phil of Widnes) To view just click here

As a kid I was watching the NZ v Wales rugby league international from the UK. (1978)

It was a pretty forgettable game apart from one incident that would have to go down as worst (and in hindsight funniest!) display of bad sportsmanship in the entire history of rugby league!

The Kiwis has just scored a try to wrap up the game, a no-nonsense type of try scored by a forward whereby after a few moves he busted his way up the center and dived over to plant the ball down in a moment of triumphal satisfaction.

As he is laying there flat on his stomach, saviouring the moment, one of the retreating Welshman proceeds to viciously stomp the unfortunate kiwi in the back of the head with his boot! Leaving him bloodied and bewildered! Such an injustice...still I'm not sure what went on during this spiteful game involving these two players but on reflection this one incident was in very bad taste...shame on you Wales!


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