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fm57 - Memories of Manly's first ever GF victory - 1972 Defeated Parramatta

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Tuesday, May 15, 2012

David Duffin
Upper Coomera Qld
Manly .. is the club I follow


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I was about ten ,i think, and my twin brother and good friend, chris, had just seen manly beat parra 10 -7 in the grand final at the s.c.g.

It was the first year that they put barb wire around the fence so you couldnt run on the ground after the match.

We were pretty dissapointed about that, i'll tell ya.

So we were half way round the hill exiting when, out of nowhere,this brown bomb exploded inches from my face.some pissed of 'parra-poof' fan had chucked an empty stubbie that landed on chris' head.geez, what a mess.blood everywhere.rotten shot.missed the grass by 30 feet i reckon.

Well,we couldnt get round 57,000 fans quick enough to get to the good old st.johns ambulance crew quuick enough so some grown-ups threw the three of us over the bloody barb wire fence.

Talk about mixed feelings!there we were,the only victorious fans,running across the s.c.g. half of me asking, are you alright mate? and the other half shouting ''we are the champions'', whilst picking up tufts of 'greame eadie grass'.what a great day!


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