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fm64 - Memories of Mick Kelly and his life with Rugby League - Mick coached Parramatta's 1st ever premiership 1964 third grade.

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Grant Kelly
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For what its worth I'd like to drop the name of my father to you. Mick Kelly. You have probably never heard of him but like a lot of people in this world he is Rugby League to the bone. He played for Newtown with his brother Ray in the mid 50's, and counts Dick Poole and Gordon Punchy Clifford as mates from that era. Brian Poppa Clay was Dad's best man at his wedding not long after the Blue bags made the GF in 1955 against Souths. Dad played against Churchill and has a hilarious memory of what the little Master got up to in that match.

He left Newtown to Captain Coach sides in the bush around NSW in the late 50's through to the early 60's. He returned to Sydney and landed the 3rd grade coaching job at Parramatta. His side in '64 was the first side to bring a premiership back to the club. Last year they held a 40 year reunion at the club for the 1964 3rd Grade. Laurie Bruyers attended as he was the ref for the GF.

Dad brought a few blokes into that club. Fellas that remain mates to this day. The McMartin twins, John and Mal come to mind. He was close with Tommy Raudonikis when Tommy lived with his family in Blacktown. Dad moved onto Penrith after a bloke called Merv Cartwright chased him up when the Chocolate Soldiers were called up into the comp in '67. I have a memory of Roy Masters half pissed at my childhood home when he was coaching the 3rdd grade at Penrith. Dad has only just given away his involvment with Penrith last year.

All in all he has been involved with league for most of his 73 years. If you want to maybe get hold of Mick, pick his brains or ask him for a contact for your website, drop me a line at my email.

Grant Kelly


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