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fm65 - Wok Ryan, Comments on When he Coached Phil Gould at Newtown.

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Warren Wok Ryan, ABC Radio Commentator and former coach
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Just before the start of the South Sydney Canberra Clash on Easter Monday the ABC radio team were having a friendly banter. There was Warren Ryan, avid Morrow, Paul Osbourne and Craig Hamilton.

They were chatting about guys at training in the old days and the conversation came around to the Days when Wok Ryan was coaching Newtown which had Phil Gould in its team.

Wok mentioned that he had the guys do a run around the Maroubra Golf Course and expected the bigger forwards to come in around the 30 minute mark. He made allowances for natural runners and mentioned that Paul Dunn was a good example of a big guy that could naturally run, a natural athlete.

Dunn came in at around the 27 28 minute mark.

Gould was one of his slower runners and as he came in last at the wrong end of the 33 minute mark.

Wok who at the time was truely pissed off with Gould effort said to Gould. "I could of walk around that course quicker then that."

Gould replied, "I just did"

Wok Ryan then mentioned that he found it very humerous but definately not at the time.


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