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Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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OVP League Unlimited forum 31/3/ Does anyone remember the day Trevor Cogger played the match of his life for Wests, but he was pissed off because he was known as a big pie eater, even though he was a small person.

One day, Trevor had just finsihed his stint in reserve grade and was munching on a couple of pies to relax after the game and sitting next to some Wests fans.

Wests got a few really early injuries that day, and Trev was called upon to play first grade.

He wasnt too happy to leave his beloved pies behind, but he went into the dressing room after dropping the pies on his seat (which apparently that Wests supporter has to this day ... although i dont know how accurate it is, its apparently true), changed and ran onto the field and preceeded to have a blinder like noone else has ever seen before (apart from Ewan McGrady for the Dogs).

He setup just about every try and i think he even scored one himself.

It was a great day for Wests and Trevor ... but when he was interviewed on TV that night, the only thing he gave a sh*t about was his beloved pies

Ahhh now THATS rugby league ... god i miss those days


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