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fm69 - From an old Rugby League Tragic, memories of old Brisbane Wests 1972 - 1976.

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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approx date and year of story: between '72-'76
When I was a kid my mother and 2 sisters were tragic Brisbane wests supporters.

We had a great time during the time when wests won the '75 & '76 premierships, cooking popcorn and listening to george and Mick call the action on 7.

One afternoon of footy sticks out when some wild on field drama happened to our favourite player, the legendary Ritchie Twist. Ritchie was the greatest second rower to throw on a footy jumper bit this day in a tackle from norths Johnny Brown he swallowed his tounge.

The touchy had to stick the end of his flag down his gob to drag it out. Well after all the hysterics we sent Ritchie a letter whilst in hospital advising him to eat heaps of ice cream and get better quick.(8yrs old)

Lo and behold ritchie rang us up, you think I could talk...

Slippery macarthy, henry & Max Williamson, Norm Carr, Gary Pricket,Harry "the Crab" Cameron, Warren Orr, Wayne stewart,Geoff Richardso these guys were legends in our house.

My Mum died in '76, I was 12, but the fond memories have lived on.

Probably why I am still a football tragic


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