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fm72 - Memories of a Manly Parramatta game back in 1977, Branigan teaches Gartner a lesson - and the 78 Semi Final Series

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Michael Berrell
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My favorite Moment is: In July 1977 I can remember going to see Manly play Parramatta at Cumberland Oval.

During the second half Parramatta had a line drop out. The drop out went towards the western side of the field. Manly centre Russell Gartner was about to catch it when veteran Ray Branighan grabbed him by the elbow and pulled him out of the way.

The ball went out on the full and Manly received a penalty in front of the posts.

It's the only time I've ever seen a player pulled away from the ball in that fashion. Manly won the game 13-11.

Another One of the most enjoyable memories of my childhood was watching Manly go through the 1978 Semi-Final series.

There were two memorable games against Parramatta. In both matches Manly came back from seemingly impossible situations. Down 13-3 in the first game and 11-2 in the second.

In the replay, both Ray Price and John Gray were sent from the field.

The replay featured the famous "seven tackles" incident.

I can still remember my father saying to me " look at Russell Gartner he's still fresh he'll win the game for Manly. Moments later Manly won a scrum on half way passed the ball out to Gartner and he raced away to score under the posts.

Peter Sterling, then a 17 year old schoolboy was playing Fullback that day. He was woefully out of position standing up in the line.

Later, to cap off a miserable day for 'Sterlo' he dropped a bomb under the posts, the 'whizz' Steve Martin scooped up the ball and scored.


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