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fm80 - Memories of the 1979 Sydney Grand Final - St George victorious

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Paul O'Connor
Saint George .. is the club I follow


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I was lucky enough to get to the last Grand Final St.George won.

It started for me a couple of weeks earlier when The Saints were confirmed to be in the Grand Final , I went o Hurstville to buy my very first St.George Jersey with all the patches and sponsorship on it. I wanted the number 7 on the back as my favourite player was Mark Shulman, although he wasn't playing so it was in a way a dedication to him not that anyone else would know.

I got to the SCG the night before with some friends where we met a group of lovely female Bulldogs supporters and proceeded to hang out with them all night and letting our testosterone fuelled bodies ran rampant by showing off through having a race around Moore park at about midnight.

I don't think we got any sleep that night.

Next morning we started to line up at the gates at around 7am , as we had general admission tickets , to get as good a seat as possible. 8am went bye and no hint that the gates would open , 8 bacame 8:30 , then at around 9am as people started to get frustrated an official looking bloke came around and said tha gates would be open in about 30 minutes, so naturally we started to get excited and pushed ever closer. 45 minutes passed and nothing, then the same guy came around again and said the gates would be open in around 15 minutes, we all pushed closer together .

30 minutes pass ed and still nothing, by this stage everyone was getting very agitated, so as a joke I started yelling out to the guys at the front ,"Break the Gates down " but too my surprise a couple of guys thought that was a great idea and actually started breaking one of the gates open and they got through so we all started pushiong through. It was then that they decided to start opening the others gates.

What we didn't know was the the ticket collectors had decided to go on strike (we found out later).

All I can actually remember of the game was the Saints leading and me lying over these poor Bulldogs supporters and their winger dropping the ball over the try line when they could've won the game.

We left the ground on a magnificent high with my mates car stereo blaring out Queen's "We Are The Champions" (first time I had heard that song played for such an occasion). All the way home.

I went to Bankstown Rollerskating rink (no longer there now a restaurant), and it was then I realised I was badly sunburnt and I was so hoarse from screaming during the game that I could only talk in a whisper.

So all the great players who made an young 19 year olds football dreams come true that year, Thankyou , whilst i may not remember all the details I DO remember the atmosphere and the great fun .

P.S. btw to the girls from the game , my sincerest apologies for being so annoying


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