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fm82 - Young Jack meeting Garry Blecher, Canberra and Australian Fullback

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jack Moore
Warnbro WA
Canberra Raiders .. is the club I follow


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This story happened a few months after Canberra won the premiership in 1990. I was barely 3 years old at the time.

I grew up in Gowrie, a small suburb in the southern part of Canberra, and our street was on a hill. Being only a little fella, this hill was Everest, but i was always determined to conquer it with this bike my old man bought me at the sunday markets.

Mum would only ever let me go half way up the hill, roll down, dodge the pot holes on the footpath and swing into the driveway, always just missing collecting the brick letter box on the way through. After a few attempts I decided I'd bend the rules a bit and go right to the top. Mum reckons I had my game face on. This was it.

About half way down the hill, you could tell there was going to be bloodshed. I almost lost control going past the neighbour's torana but managed to keep it in a straight line. However, there was no way in hell i was going to be able to steer it into the driveway without coming off second best. To cut a long story short, i over shot the driveway by about 10 metres, hit a fence and barrel rolled into a gum tree. Before Mum could determine whether I had permanent brain damage or whether I was dead, a bloke across the road had jumped out of his car and legged it to the scene of the accident. In total shock, he managed to fish me out of the garden bed and take us over to mum. Still in somewhat disbelief, he said "Geez, I've never seen such a little fella move so bloody fast!". Mum's concern for her son soon turned to the man, as she realised it was Gary Belcher, the Raiders fullback.

As it turned out, Gary was good mates with the family that lived over the road from us. He wasn't the Australian fullback for nothing, but Mum reckons she had never seen him run as fast as the day he peeled me off a gum tree!! As for me, I really didnt care that a Raiders legend was so concerned for my well being. All i cared about was the bike that i had just written off.

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