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fm86 - Chris Hill, St Helens memories of Saints -v- Roos 1986.

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chris Hill,
St Helens UK

St Helens .. is the club I follow


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The Return Of The Invincibles (1986 Kangaroos) were a far superior team for any of the British Teams including GB although the 3rd Test at Wigan was a cracker....

St.Helens were top of the English league played 8 and won 8 averaging 37pts a game, when the Aussies arrived. As optimistic as we were, the Kangaroo back line read: Jack, Shearer, Kenny, Miles, Meninga, Lewis & Sterling. So we were at least honoured with a full test line up. Channel 9 broadcast the match live and from the off both sets of forwards gave it plenty.

For Saints (Tony Burke, Graham Liptrot, Paul Forber, Andy Platt, Roy Haggerty & Chris Arkwright / For Australia: Roach / Simmons / Dowling / Cleal / Niebling / Lindner)

Steve Roach was off the field after 2 minutes, he stiff armed Chris Arkwright and dislocated his elbow and was replaced by Paul Dunn.

Saints gave as good as they got and some of the off the ball challenges would make you cringe. With his back to the Saints posts Lewis laid off a typical pass and was hit by Arkwright (Grandson of Jack Arkwright) with a forearm in the back of his head.

Later in the game Paul 'Rambo' Round came on the park with one purpose in mind, to hit as many Aussies as possible. With partner and back-up Arkwright, Round hit Garry Jack and all hell let loose, Arkwright had his shirt ripped off and Round and Jack were sent to the sinbin, threatening each other all the way back down the tunnel.

The highlight of the game came from the Aussie commentator on the day as he was trying to work out the English accents in the crowd and the songs we were singing. Fred Lindop had just given a penalty to Australia when we were begging for a way back into the game. The Saints crowd, as one, started to sing, "Who's the bastard, who's the bastard, who's the bastard in the black ? "

The guy on Channel 9 repeated it word for word with a chuckle....I doubt if he's ever worked again !!!


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