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fm87 - Memories of a Leeds Supporter..... (55 years)

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Leeds .. is the club I follow


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I was taken to Headingley Leeds for my fisrt match of rugby on St Patrick's day 1951.My team was playing Fetherstone Rovers which we lost by the way.I was only 3 at the time but got the rugby bug.

I have watched the now Leeds Rhinos eversince.55 years of glory.

Charlie Pawsey is i think an uncle of mine but not quite sure as we live in Yorkshire and he lived in Lancashire.My dad said he was a distant relation.

My brother married a lady called Anita McTigue who's uncle was Brian McTigue who played for Wigan and toured Auss with G.B.

I have seen all of our cup victory's in the Challenge cup from 1957 until the last time we won in 1999.

Some of the great Auss players that have worn the Blue & Amble of Leeds i have seen include Ken ( bucket ) Thornett.I think he was one on the best full-back i have ever seen.

Eric Grothe,What a big winger he was.

I have got a photo of our captain Keith McLennon with the cup at Wembley in 1957.We beat barrow 9-7.


(Thanks for sending the pic John - see below)

I think my best memory was in 2005 when we Knocked the shit out of the Canterbury Puppydogs in the World Club Challenge.This made us the WORLD CHAMPIONS.

Hope to hear from you soon
John Pawsey


Further to the 57 CC victory.

Leeds won the 1957 Challenge Cup final against Barrow at Wembley by 9 points to 7. The team that day was: P Quinn, D Hodgkinson, K McLellan (c), L Jones, G Broughton, J Lendill, J Stevenson, J Anderson, B Prior, W Hopper, B Poole, D Robinson, H Street. During that same season Jones eclipsed the world record for points scored in a season amassing, 496 points.




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