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fm88 - Living Next to Belmore Oval as a kid in the 80's. Meeting League gentleman Tas Batieri

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Leo Vass,
Canterbury .. is the club I follow


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It was the 80's and my brothers and i and the local kids all lived next door to belmore sports ground-of course in these days training was on tues and thurs nights which included a game of touch to warm up and then run some plays with the master Mr Glossop.

Us kids took to playing "murder in the dark"in the brand new "stewardt" stand and would run around to our herts content until the lights went out. well on this particular thurs night we are well into our game when one of the trainers for the dogs comes into the stand and says "right you boys can either help or p*ss off" we choose to help ofcourse

half of us were to collect balls for gearin as he practised his golakicking while the rest were used as dummies for some plays they were running.

At the end of the training a guy by the name of Tas Batieri asks us younuns if we would like to come into the dressing room- WOULD WE (yes ofcourse) we stayed there while the players chatted and got changed and then Tas says to us all "ok kids jump into my van and i will drop you all of home" WOW a first grade football player taking us home.

Suffice to say we became good freinds with Tas and still look him up today on the net(working in Rugby league development) a hard man with a heart of gold



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