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fm92 - Roy Haggerty, St Helens Rugby League favorite

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Tuesday, May 15, 2012

St Helens
St Helen .. is the club I follow


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Roy Haggerty was a genuine/typical St.Helens lad.Thick as pig shit but hard as nails.A vey elusive runner Roy begun life as a centre, but when Mal Meninga signed for Saints Roy found himself playing in the second row.

He was the without doubt the fans favorite, and although he used to jeered off the opposition fans , you can bet that secretly thay loved his attitude to the game always giving 100% and never taking a backward step.

Only small, in those days , for a pack man 5'11 12 stone I can remember him takin on a few so called 'hard men'.

I remember him taking on Kelvin Skerett the big ex Bradford and Wigan Prop, he realy did fancy himself.Roy had him in his pocket all the game, giving him little digs and tackleing him with a great ghusto.

Towards the end of the game Roy, yet aain, sent Skerrett crashing to the ground with another thunderous tackle losing the ball in the process.

Roy jumped on the ball and Skerret all 19 stone of him jumped on Roy.

Words were obviously exchanged the next thing you know ,Skerret launched three of the biggest haymakers you have ever seen.Each one of them connecting to Roys head, but he didnt flinch, he didn't move a muscle, he just sttod his ground, his head getting pounded with some shots Lennox Lewis would have been proud of.

Roy just stood upright, ball in the hand, laughing at the fat Bradford man.


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