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fm97 - Brisbane RL Woolies Pre-Season final 1976 - a send-off-athon

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Barry Green
Everton Hills
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BRL Woolies Pre-Season final 1976 (I think).

The game started under lights at Lang Park with Redcliffe kicking off with a high ball to Wests (Bris).

Dolphins prop John Barber (ex-Manly) followed through and took out the man, obviously prepared to give away an early penalty in keeping with the "softening up" tactics of the era.

Sure enough, the whistle blew, but when big John turned around to run back on side, there was referee Bernie Pramberg signaling not a penalty, but "You're off!"

Barber complained with indignation ("You can't send me off on the first tackle!") but off he was and, by halfway through the first half, so too were three more Redcliffe players and Wests second rower Rod Bradshaw.

From memory some if not all were given an early shower for a wild all-in brawl which spilled over the sideline. Triangulated metal signs had not long been introduced (for the TV coverage to pick up in the background) and these signs were stomped flat by a succession of size 12 tagged boots as players ran from everywhere to get into the brawl.

Not suprisingly, Wests went on to win, although I'm not sure of the score.

I do recall the Redcliffe scrum at one stage consisting of a front row and that was it!

Ah, they don't make nostalgia like they used to!


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